How To Find Whether a Site Is Wordpress or Blogger

Getting hard to find Whether a Site Is Wordpress or Blogger? Worry not. I will guide you to inspect the website

Many People Use Different Hosting. Nowadays People Have Started Blogging By Using Wordpress, Blogger, Tumblr, Joomla E.t.c. But We Often Got Confused While Surfing Websites Whether it is From Blogger Or Wordpress Here We Are Going To Talk About Wordpress and Blogger

So, Today We Are Going To Show You How To Get to Know Whether a Site Is WordPress Or Blogger.there are various ways to find what website is that. But I am going to make it used without any websites and apps.

Knowing About Wordpress:-

  1. Goto Any Site
  2. At Url Bar Add /wp-admin After Url Eg:-
  3. If Login Page Opens Then It`s a Wordpress Site
  4. If Error Came Then Think That It`s Not Wordpress Site
You can See Example Of Login Page Here
Knowing About Blogger
  1. Goto any Site
  2. View Images There On Posts. If You Find Url Of Image Starting From,,
    Then That`s a Blogger Site. In Case Someone May Copy From Other Url, You Should Try
     No 3 at Below
  3. Blogger Site Page Starts From /p/examplepage.html Like
  4. Blogger Don`t Have Catagories and Tags Like WordPress.It Contains Labels Which Can Be Seen In Url Like /search/label/label example Eg:-
From Writer:- Hope You Understand.If You Are Unable to Understand You Can Catch With Me Over Facebook:- Or You Can Comment Below.
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