Remove Folders and Separate Devices & Drives from "This PC" | Windows 10

Folders and Devices on "This PC" Boring. Let`s Remove It

There are two kinds of issues to be resolved in this condition. I have explained all of them below.

1.How to Remove the Folders From “This PC” on Windows 10

Windows 10’s “This PC” view doesn’t just show hard drives, removable storage devices, and network locations. Unlike the traditional “My Computer” list, it also contains several folders — but you can hide them and make This PC look more like Windows 7’s Computer view.

2.How to ungroup and separate removable drives in This PC in Windows 10

Windows 10 comes with one really annoying feature: it shows removable drives, optical drives and hard drives in one group together. This is one of the worst changes made to Windows. Sadly, the OS does not offer you an option to the ungroup drives logically so local drives are in one group and the rest in another.
Today, I am going to share with you a simple tutorial on how to ungroup and display hard drives and removable drives separately in This PC.

Download The Content Application Below and Install It and Reboot your computer. This should fix the issue

Links: Via HowToGeek and Winaero


Note: No.2 app is for Win 8.1 but works on 10 also. I recommend you to try these steps and download above mentioned application for your windows.

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