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Everybody loves Customization. When It Comes to Design, You gets in search of Perfection, and it`s hard to get it. Your Blog`s Design is Key-factor to your visitor's Attraction.

People Search Best Templates for Blogger over a Hundred times and can`t find Perfection on Blogger Templates. Different authors and websites are providing you with Premium and Free Templates. I am going to suggest some of the best Websites provide Blogger templates.


Arlina Design

She Started Blogging Since 2012 but Shares Best Content Over World with Awesome Tutorials and Widgets. She Posts Self Designed Blogger Templates which are Free as well as paid also. SHE ALSO owns Twisted Shape Blog. Language is Indonesian
You can Check her awesomeness by Seeing Some Of her Designs:

2. BlogTipsNTricks

Chandeep J provides you with free themes, widgets and blogging tips. He is a Skilled Blogger, Web Developer and Loves to play with Codes And Creating new things like a Web Designer. He is from Tamil Nadu, India. Blogtipsntricks is a blog dedicated to bloggers which helps to take their blog to the next level.
Access all his Blogger Templates Over Here: TEMPLATES

Below are Some Of the most Popular Websites that provide you with all kinds of blogger themes from every part of the world.

1. Gooyaabi Templates

 Subramanian.V is the founder of this website. He Contributes in creating templates as well as lets others submit their template over there by adding " Submit Your Template " Navigation on their site.

2.My Blogger Themes

MBT Provides you pre-listed blogger templates. There is " Submit Your Template " Option on which you can also add your templates.

Some of Premium Sites are Sora Templates & ThemeXpose Which provides you free template sample too.

NOTE: I Prefer you to use Themeforest Templates by Buying because of Awesome Designs and Easy Support. Themeforest might be best for Business Purpose.

There are much more websites providing you with free blogger templates. Feel free to Comment Below. Let Your Mind Speak.

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