How to get an International Debit Card ( MasterCard , Visa Card ) in Nepal

MasterCard, VisaCard are available in Nepal only for ATM Transactions but Nepali citizens are forbidden from using these cards for international transaction purpose. Nepali users can also create PayPal account but can`t link their Debit Cards as it`s forbidden my Nepal Rastra Bank.

MasterCard, VisaCard, and Paypal in Nepal can be used for various purpose like paying for Online Shopping, Online Checkout, Facebook Ad Promotion in Nepal, Domain Registration from Godaddy or other domain providers, Web Hosting and many more transactions which involves transferring money from Nepal to a foreign country. Now, these things are impossible to do as a normal citizen from Nepal. For this, you have to find some who owns a card that is enabled for International Transactions.

Most Banks also lets you do international transactions from their official Bank cards only for specific purposes like College Application Payment, TOEFL Registration, and another educational purpose. It is strictly forbidden for business purposes.

Visa and Master card in Nepal
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Why is it so strict to get an International Debit Card in Nepal?

It is strictly forbidden for Nepali citizens to do international transactions regularly as it hampers a country`s economic condition where all the money gets out of the country.  Also, It was created as a rule by Nepal Rastra Bank which all the Financial Institutions ( Bank ) have to follow in order to operate.

How to Apply For International Master Card, Visa Card from Nepal?

There are two possibilities at which you can apply for an International Master Card or Visa Card from Nepal. They are as follows.

  • Users have to open current dollar account or saving a dollar account at Commercial Banks and apply for International Debit Card
  • You must possess a valid visa and travel ticket to a destination country for travel purpose. This will help you get working International MasterCard, Visa Card from Nepal.

Take Notes:

  • Maximum Transaction limit for NCC International Debit Card is as prescribed by Nepal Rastra Bank.
  • This Card can be issued to Nepalese citizens as well as Foreign Nationals having USD account maintained at NCC Bank Ltd. and Nepalese citizens traveling abroad (other than India), who are eligible to get dollar exchange facility as per Nepal Rastra Bank.

Above Notes are extracted from NCC Bank Website

Every Commercial level bank can provide you Debit Card for International Transaction only if you have a visa for traveling to another country and plane ticket for travel. this will allow Bank Operators to load funds to the prepaid card and use it when you travel abroad or you can use it from Nepal also. Most People use it for travel purpose outside Nepal.

Alternatively, you can ask someone who possesses visa and travel ticked to create a bank account and apply for an International Card that can have a limitation on the amount that you can load in that Card. But, It will work.

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