OnePlus is lying about their latest flagship phone Oneplus 7 Pro

One of the highlights in the OnePlus 7 Pro is its new triple camera setup, which includes a telephoto lens capable of capturing 3x optical zoom. However, various new reports suggest that it is not actually 3x optical zoom.  Actually,

OnePlus is lying about the 3x optical zoom in OnePlus 7 Pro

OnePlus 7 pro is the best phone that you can buy right now but OnePlus has been cheating their customers with their camera lies. A Reddit user discovered this issue and has explained this situation. The link will be down below.

Basically, He claims that

To prove this yourself, block the BOTTOM most camera of your 7 pro (In a nicely lit room so the telephoto camera can be activated, there is a light sensitivity threshold). Move the zoom slider from 1x to 3x gradually, and you will see the camera switch to the zoom lens. Okay, no problem. Now, switch to portrait mode. Portrait mode should still be blocked by your finger. Okay, so this means portrait mode is utilizing the telephoto setup. Good call, OnePlus. The point of portraits is to reduce distortion on portrait shots.

Now, to see the marketing lie. Take a picture using the 3x zoom lens in the MAIN camera mode. MAKE SURE you are using the telephoto. Now, switch to portrait mode. Suddenly, the picture is LESS zoomed in. But from testing, we just saw the portrait mode using the telephoto camera. But the telephoto camera is "3X optically" zoomed. What gives? Well, seems like the 3X optical zoom camera is not actually 3X. If you're still in disbelief, look at EXIF data, you will see the resolution and focal length of the camera used for the photo.

If you DO NOT own a OnePlus 7 Pro but want to see this visually in action, here is a screen record video of proof. You can see the sensors switching at 3x, then seeing the portrait mode being less zoomed in.

I'm not here to bash OnePlus. I bought the 7 Pro, I've owned the OG OPO and bought it with an invite, got the OP3, had a OP5 at one point as well but it was sold. I'm nitty gritty with the camera stuff, I was the first to discover the iPhone 7 Plus telephoto sensor size before it was even released/disassembled. But what OnePlus is doing here is straight up lying, 2.2x zoom is closer to 2x than it is to 3x, and OnePlus needs to tighten up with their camera department. Quality/Detail is great, dynamic range is great, colors need to be tweaked slightly, but in terms of features like no video recording on the 16 MegaPixel Ultra wide, or disabling OIS in portrait mode, this needs to be addressed. UHD Recording on telephoto will not be possible due to resolution limitations (Telephoto is 3264x2448). OnePlus lied again, it is a 13MP sensor and not 8MP on the telephoto.

Some more notes: Sensor sizes vary throughout the camera setup, so seeing "6.95mm" on the telephoto and "4.76mm" is NOT comparable due to the crop factors being different on various sensor sizes.

TL;DR: OnePlus lied about 3x telephoto, is more like 2.2x optically. Portrait mode uses telephoto lens (good thing). Portrait mode disables OIS, but in the main camera mode, telephoto has OIS enabled (weird thing). Zoom sensor is actually 13MP but OnePlus limits it to 8MP.

However, we are not sure how DigitalCameraWorld got diagnostic info from the OP7pro, if someone can confirm that the telephoto is a S5K3M5, that'd be great. AIDA64 doesn't work for me.

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