Real Life Implementations of Plastic Bottle after Use

What can be Real Life Implementations of Plastic Bottle after Use? Let`s find out from my own story.

The last plastic bottle that I carried was of 500ml Sprite. I bought it while I was travelling from Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal, to Chitwan which is my hometown. I enjoyed drinking it thoroughly. But, when it was a moment where there was not even an ml of sprite left, I decided to carry it for my home. I am currently using it as a typical bottle to store water for a short period like until it's emptied and fill it again with new fresh water.

Recycle Plastic Bottle
Recycle Plastic Bottle

It has a reason for not to land in the dustbin. Firstly, As the water in my home is fresh and filtered, I can use that sprite bottle to carry water for short tours. I find it very easy to travel with as I don't have to stop at a particular place and find fresh water. It saves me time as well as my money. Secondly, We use plastic bottles obtained from buying coca cola in our home for storing water. We use them to place it in the fridge and make it cool to drink. We use it for our room to drink water when needed without walking outside and especially at night.

500ML Sprite Bottle
500ml Sprite Bottle
That action was one of my habits which I believe is a good thing. I just recycled one plastic bottle for another purpose without any quality and quantity loss. That choice to throw it or use it again is the most frequent that everyone has to tackle and most of them might choose the first one as it is an easy way to get rid of that bottle. By doing so, I was able to save my money for not buying real water carrying a bottle and save the environment from being polluted. Not only this, I was able to sit relaxed and watch some cool kinds of stuff on TV with my refurbished water bottle without being disturbed to go outside and drink frequently. I mean it`s a life-saving trick.

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