Why you should Quit using Instagram

Quitting Instagram is hard but you should do it. There are many pros and cons of using Instagram where there are too many disadvantages.

Instagram is a social media app owned by its parent company Facebook. It has a lot of users because of its simplicity in the user interface. It lets you upload photos, short videos and stories. There is also a new feature where you can message with users as well as video call them. But, It can be a problem for you if you are a regular normal user who only uses Instagram for basic purposes like watching stories and short videos, images.

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I recommend you to Quit Instagram now because it can completely damage your productivity and increase your bars of living standard which a normal user can't afford and you might go under depression.

Let me explain you with a basic example,

If you are on Instagram then you will definitely follow celebrities and other social media influencers for checking out what they are doing in their lives. They will only select the best of the best content to upload and make you feel like they are living their lives but it`s a complete lie. Celebrities have money to do their stuff and you shouldn`t be the one to feel bad about your situation feeling you can't afford these things posted on Instagram

Instagram also has their own hidden feature called an Infinite Scroll where you get an endless amount of posts where you will be left scrolling for hours which can ultimately affect your productivity time.
You could have done a lot of things if it was not for watching stupid images appearing on Instagram.

From a business perspective also Instagram is bad for you because it doesn`t let you post links on your posts. you can use stories swipe up feature if you have more than 10,000 followers which is hard to achieve for a small business. The only place you can add links is in the bio.

Follow those profiles that make you laugh

If you really want to use Instagram then you should make your profile private and only let others follow you if you know them. If you are someone who is more popular to a mass media don`t post useless stuff on the internet and never let your followers down. You should use an application that lets you track and block use of Instagram after a certain time of use. You can use Instagram for basic use like watching what others are doing but never let others post affect your lives.

I am new to this blogging platform. I said my personal opinions on Instagram. If you liked my article make sure to follow me on other social media where I`ll post my links and useful stuff.

PS: I use Instagram and other social media for business purposes.

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