YouTube to Remove Full Count of Subscribers

YouTube posted on their support forum as a heads up with what will happen to the subscriber count in the coming days. They have decided to remove the full count of subscribers and change it to round up ones. All of this is happening is because people are spreading hate with real-time subscriber counts and comparing them to each other. This happened with PewdiePie Vs T-SERIE, TATI VS JAMES CHARLES and many more youtubers.

YouTube on Thread Says,

Currently, all creators with over 1,000 subscribers see their subscriber counts displayed differently in different places across YouTube desktop and mobile apps. In some cases, the subscriber count is abbreviated (e.g., 133k) and in other places, we display the full count (e.g., 133,017).

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So what exactly will this look like? For channels with fewer than 1,000 subscribers, the exact (non-abbreviated) subscriber count will still be shown. Once your channel passes the 1000 subscriber milestone, we will begin to abbreviate your public subscriber numbers on a sliding scale.

According to the blog post, the 1,000-subscribers change will take effect "on a sliding scale." These are the example mentioned by the company:

  • If a channel has 4,227 subscribers, the public subscriber count will read “4.2k” until the channel reaches 4,300.
  • If a channel has 133,017 subscribers, the public subscriber count will read “133K” until the channel reaches 134,000.
  • If a channel has 51,389,232, the public subscriber count will read “51M” until the channel reaches 52,000,000.

This Decision will mainly affect SocialBlade as YouTube has tweeted this about the third party using APIs to track subscribers.

To confirm, third parties that use YouTube API Services will also get the same abbreviated public counts as you'll see on YouTube.

TeamYouTube also says,
Currently, public sub counts are abbreviated in most but not all places across YouTube. In August, we’ll make this more consistent by always showing abbreviated sub counts publicly.

You can read more info on this official thread by google

They have twitted their concern about this subscriber situation and things are not good. They are not getting replies.

Another Tweet from SocialBlade says

Real-time subscriber counts will be a past

People are really angry and are showing support for SocialBlade. Below are some of the tweets that you can look into.

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