Free Web Hosting with Custom Domain on Netlify

If you ever wanted to host your website for free with custom domain and couldn't find any, then you are one the right article to figure out the solution for free web hosting.
There is a service called Netlify that provides you free hosting for basic html static web hosting.

This can be a great alternative for square space and WIX site. It lets you upload HTML files and hosts your files on their server or GitHub.However, It doesn't have any editing tools for quick update. It will be great for hosting your basic portfolio/about me web page. You can see the example at This tutorial will help you host your basic Static Website on Netlify for free. You can also create dynamic sites like CMS but it's a bit tricky.

Free Web Hosting with Netlify
Netlify Logo

Short Information on Netlify

Netlify is a San Francisco-based cloud computing company that offers hosting and serverless backend services for static websites.
It features continuous deployment from Git across a global application delivery network,serverless form handling, support for AWS Lambda functions,and full integration with Let's Encrypt. It provides both free and paid plans.
Netlify customers include Google, Facebook, Verizon, NBC, Samsung, Cisco, Atlassian, Vue.js, Citrix, Peloton, Kubernetes, Lodash, Smashing Magazine, and Sequoia Capital

Some of the Features of Netlify are 

  • Easy Deployment of Server
  • Easy domain configuration
  • free SSL certificate for Custom Domain with Let's encrypt
  • Instant Drag and Drop Feature for updates

How to Get Free Hosting on Netlify:

  1. Create your Account on Netlify
  2. Link GitHub if you like(optional)
  3. Upload the HTML folder file from your Desktop to Netlify 
  4. Netlify will fetch the data and create new website for your with sub-domain of netlify
  5. Add that sub-domain URL as CNAME for WWW as host on DNS Manager ( CUSTOM DOMAIN )
  6. Enable SSL for Custom Domain
Note: For this to work, you must buy custom domain on your own and have working DNS manager.

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It is that simple. If you can't figure out from above steps then watch the video tutorial embeded below by my favorite web developer/youtuber Dev Ed

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