Choosing Best Web Hosting for WordPress

Wordpress is one of the most powerful platforms to start your blog, eCommerce, portfolio and multiple layout based websites. Wordpress is the free platform but costs a lot of money to host on a server. It is not an easy task to choose the Web Hosting company and package for Wordpress Hosting.

I will be guiding you through the steps to consider while choosing the hosting company and the packages.

Choosing Best and Cheapest Web Hosting for WordPress

I won`t be comparing companies extremely in this tutorial because I think a person can themselves choose which best fits for them. I will help you to find the right packages that work for any hosting company. This article is just an explanation of things to consider while buying hosting for your WordPress Site.

Things to Consider while buying Wordpress Hosting

  • Buy hosting with more database space because WordPress works with databases.
  • Make sure the package consists of daily backups which are an advantage and protection.
  • Buy from reliable and most rated websites so that you won`t get cheated.
  • Buy hosting with offers for a year and then decide if you like it or not.
  • Make sure to get a free SSL with hosting if possible that makes you site secure.
  • Most Importantly, Make sure there is no limitation on your bandwidth as it can crash your website if more people started to visit your website.
If you are a beginner who would like to experience the taste of Wordpress and be seen on the Internet,
I would definitely suggest you choose the cheapest package as possible.

If you don`t want to spend any money on your first journey of being discovered on the web, you can look into some free web hosting companies like 000webhost, Googie host, infinity free web hosting.
I would suggest you try these web hosting if you have nothing to lose. They provide less bandwidth and space. Most of the time you will definitely get internal server error on your website as you are using free hosting. I have used infinity free Hosting recently and It offered me unlimited space and bandwidth but It`s just a marketing strategy I believe. However, I was able to get my job done on this hosting.

If you are somewhat experienced in WordPress and want to start your business, you should choose to host based on your purpose. If you want to create video streaming platform then it might cost a lot of money. But, if you are there for some blogging purpose better to choose to host with less space but unlimited bandwidth. I would suggest you try these reputed hosting companies like site ground, GoDaddy, HostGator, Bluehost e.t.c

Most of the WordPress hosting fall under the rate of 5-6$ per month with some amount of space that will be enough for handling WordPress site if you expect some traffic from all over the world.
Bluehost provides you unlimited space for $5.95/mo the package deal for your website. After a year the price can increase up to 15$ per month.

Siteground provides you 20gb space int this price package and also increases after a year
Remember all the websites provide cheap pricing for the first year. So, you must make sure to face the changes in price after a year.
If you are fully experienced in WordPress and want to work with other people, choose to host services that offer you reseller options and you can divide those packages with your customers without buying a physical server yourself. This can also help you run your side business also. This can be very beneficial if you have links with your friends who would love their website to be listed on the web for some amount of money. Make sure you buy the service with dedicated IP and server that can help you for more optimization and faster content delivery performance. This service can cost a lot.
Dedicated hosting can start from 100$ per month and goes on increasing if extra needed. This package can give you the full control of your server.

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